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Iamet helps potential customers find your accommodation in the quickest and easiest way.

Iamlet is a unique service designed to connect property owners and potential customers, helping them to find your business or property quickly. The more people that can find your business or property, the quicker you can rent, sell or improve your occupancy rates.

Many similar solutions are either expensive or have restrictions and complex rules to list your business or property. Iamlet is a simple solution, offering both free and paid plans that are great value and are all designed to help you begin promoting your property or accommodation regardless of the platforms you use.

About Iamlet
Iamlet About - Iamlet
Iamlet is a unique accommodation finder service that showcases and highlights a wide range of options and services for short and long-term stays in the customer’s chosen area or destination. Traditional booking services typically only show accommodation and room options that they directly manage or where accommodation providers have subscribed to that particular service. So, while on those platforms and looking in a specific area, you are often only presented with a small percentage of what is actually available. Iamlet aims to showcase as many accommodation providers as possible, regardless of the booking services they use, by offering both free and paid listing options and intuitive search facilities, all designed to help customers quickly find what they are looking for and direct them to the booking platforms to reserve or book them.

Finding the right accommodation can take time and a lot of effort. Whether looking for long-term accommodation and a place to live or a temporary home for a holiday or vacation, Iamlet makes finding the perfect temporary or forever home effortless. Iamlet has been designed to complement and enhance conventional booking services, such as Airbnb and Booking.com and has the sole objective and aim of showcasing all of the accommodation options available to customers.

Traditional rental markets around the world have been booming for years, especially since the pandemic. With the rise in costs associated with international travel, many people are looking around for short breaks and summer holiday alternatives in their own countries. Whether you are looking for a long-term lease or a room for a night, finding the right accommodation that suits your needs can be challenging.

For those looking to let or rent out something they own, picking the right portal or service is important. Though there are some well-known and trusted brands on the market, typically, the rates and commission will be higher and may not always attract potential customers from around the world. Many people opt to list on multiple services and platforms, but even then, you may not always get the coverage and promotion you need for your lettings.

Iamlet is a simple solution designed only to showcase accommodation and services available to let or rent. We offer a free basic listing, as well as an affordable annual enhanced plan offering an impressive range of benefits, and as we do not act as a booking agent, we will never charge a commission. Instead, we help customers find whatever they have available to rent, enabling them to use your existing booking portals and services. We do help customers locate traditional types of properties, such as apartments and villas, but the service allows customers to locate unconventional kinds of accommodation and services, from a room to a treehouse.

We believe Iamlet helps to enhance and direct customers to whatever booking services and agents the accommodation provider uses, at the same time giving customers the full range of options and services in their desired location. Our name highlights our mission, which is to help all of our customers find what they are looking for and to say…, I am Let.

It is important to remember and note that Iamlet is not a booking agent, nor does it help to facilitate bookings or reservations. When you make a booking directly with the accommodation, you do so at your own risk. Iamlet provides no warranties or accepts liability for any reservations or bookings you make directly, meaning by those made with the provider or indirectly on other third-party services. Though accommodation providers and advertisers are required to provide genuine and legitimate services, Iamlet does not validate nor verify the accuracy, completeness or legitimacy of listings and has built this section to provide information to protect yourself should you wish to make a reservation. Should you become aware that a listing particular listing does not comply with the Iamlet terms and conditions, please report the listing immediately. Anyone using or advertising on Iamlet is required to adhere to the Iamlet’s general terms and conditions.
Finding the perfect accommodation, whether it is for the short or long term, is both exciting and can make a trip. To ensure that your trip goes smoothly, we have created top tips to protect yourself and minimise potential problems
Iamlet's History
Iamlet About - History

Iamlet is part of Ovester, a data, information and analytics company that builds needs-based solutions. Over the years, Ovester has amassed a vast collection of data, from statistics, geographical (geolocation), bespoke maps, weather and country-related information, and more. The founder of Iamlet is well-travelled and, when visiting a new country or area, would often spend time looking first at the best area to stay and then exploring all of the accommodation options available. To avoid missing out on the perfect stay for a trip, it would involve a lot of time and effort researching all of the options, especially on the different platforms.

The main problem with searching on one or two major platforms is that you will only be presented with the accommodation options that are available on that particular service. With many popular platforms offering a range of options, it can often take time to find the right place for you, often with you having to search multiple services, only to later find that other options were available that you were not aware of at the time of booking, not only that, if you broaden your search to include a range of platforms not only will you find new and different accommodation types, you would often see the same places listed elsewhere for a lower price. Not missing out and paying the right amount takes time and effort, and that was why the Iamlet concept was born.

Iamlet is not a booking platform, nor does it directly manage any of the listings. Accommodation providers create listings on Iamlet and provide information on their property, as well as links to the various platforms and services in which it can be booked. This approach means Iamlet compliments traditional booking platforms, as the service highlights and directs potential customers to those platforms. Ovester wanted Iamlet to be a simple search-and-find service that connected accommodation providers with their customers quickly.

Ovester aims to build solutions that make an impact, whether helping a few or thousands. Ovester continually works hard to become an organisation synonymous with being an ethical and supportive data solution provider. Developing Iamlet, Ovester believes it has created a unique listing service to help users find the right accommodation for them.

Iamlet features over 140 unique categories, making it even easier to find what you are looking for. From cabins and lodges in the mountains to botels and boats in picturesque canals, the categories have been designed to showcase and direct customers to all of the available accommodations in their chosen area
Iamlet Store - Frequently Asked Questions

The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) have been designed to complement and expand on the Iamlet service

Iamlet highlights and promotes listings only, meaning that we help customers discover all of the accommodation options available to them. Regardless of the booking methods and platforms used, Iamlet will help your type of accommodation become discovered and then point them to all of the platforms you use. Iamlet aims to help customers find a larger range of accommodations in their chosen area or destination.

Anyone that offers genuine accommodation. Suppose you provide some form of accommodation, from unique, such as glamping, to traditional villas anywhere in the world; you are able to list your accommodation on Iamlet. However, all of our listings are subject to the Iamlet General Terms and Conditions. Should a person violate these terms, it would result in the immediate termination of the listing. If you believe you have found a fake listing, you can report it using the option found within the individual listing.

Iamlet offers both a free and enhanced plan. The free plan is to help increase the accommodation options available to customers by providing the necessary information, whereas the enhanced plan offers greater benefits to showcase and promote a listing. The revenue from enhanced plans helps Iamlet maintain and improve the service and innovate new options and services for our users.

The majority of listings will be from genuine accommodation providers. Like in life, occasionally, unscrupulous people create listings designed to deceive and trick. As a simple listing service, we do not validate or verify listings; however, we have created a guide designed to help you protect yourself while booking accommodation. Click here to read the top tips for making reservations and bookings safely.

No, Iamlet only helps accommodation providers showcase and promote their services. When you find suitable accommodation, you will be presented with the various external methods and platforms for making a reservation or booking. Iamlet does not facilitate or manage bookings and can only be completed external to the website or through different services and websites.

No, Iamlet does not facilitate nor manage bookings. When you make a reservation or booking, you will be doing so with the accommodation provider and through their chosen booking platform. Any emails you receive regarding the booking or reservation process will be directly from the property owner or booking platform, never from Iamlet.

Yes, suppose you plan to rent out your accommodation for a short time. In that case, you can choose to list by using the free and paid plans. Once you no longer wish to rent out your property, you can either change the status to Not Available or delete your listing.

The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) have been designed to complement and expand on the Iamlet terms and conditions, which you will be required to abide by when creating an account.

If you have any further questions, please get in touch with us.

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