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Welcome to Iamlet

Welcome to Iamlet

Whether at home or abroad, find the perfect place for your stay. Iamlet features properties and accommodations from around the world. A unique accommodation finder service that showcases and highlights a wide range of options and services for short and long-term stays in your desired area. Once you have found your perfect stay, you will be directed to the accommodation provider’s booking service or platform to help you make a reservation
Search and find the best accommodation to meet your needs. Once you find your perfect place to stay, go directly to accommodation providers and access a wide range of quality options for your upcoming trip. With over eleven group categories ranging from bed and breakfast to resort hotels, you will find a wide range of accommodation options to choose from
Are you looking for some privacy and the freedom to make a space your own? Privately owned and residential properties offer a wide range of benefits and options. Find and connect directly with property owners and agents with no middlemen. All are designed to help you find the perfect place to stay for your vacation. From apartments to luxury villas, you will find the ideal place to stay for your chosen destination
Do you provide accommodation on a short or long-term basis? Discover how Iamlet can help you promote your accommodation and increase your occupancy rates. From free to enhanced plans, Iamlet compliments and enhances your traditional booking platforms. List your home on Iamlet and attract buyers from around the world. Never again limit who can find your home or force your customers to spend hours looking for places like yours when they can find it quickly by using Iamlet’s advanced search facilities.
Make your next trip truly unique not only through your experiences but also in the place where you stay. The unusual, unique and special accommodation options guarantee an interesting trip, with over fifteen categories offering places ranging from earth homes to tree houses
Finding the perfect accommodation, whether it is for the short or long term, is both exciting and can make a trip. To ensure that your trip goes smoothly, we have created top tips to protect yourself and minimise potential problems
Iamlet features over 140 unique categories, making it even easier to find what you are looking for. From cabins and lodges in the mountains to botels and boats in picturesque canals, the categories have been designed to showcase and direct customers to all of the available accommodations in their chosen area
Iamlet is a unique accommodation finder service that showcases and highlights a wide range of options and services for short and long-term stays in the customer’s chosen area or destination. Traditional booking services typically only show accommodation and room options that they directly manage or where accommodation providers have subscribed to that particular service. So, while on those platforms and looking in a specific area, you are often only presented with a small percentage of what is actually available. Iamlet aims to showcase as many accommodation providers as possible, regardless of the booking services they use, by offering both free and paid listing options and intuitive search facilities, all designed to help customers quickly find what they are looking for and direct them to the booking platforms to reserve or book them
It is important to remember and note that Iamlet is not a booking agent, nor does it help to facilitate bookings or reservations. When you make a booking directly with the accommodation, you do so at your own risk. Iamlet provides no warranties or accepts liability for any reservations or bookings you make directly, meaning by those made with the provider or indirectly on other third-party services. Though accommodation providers and advertisers are required to provide genuine and legitimate services, Iamlet does not validate nor verify the accuracy, completeness or legitimacy of listings and has built this section to provide information to protect yourself should you wish to make a reservation. Should you become aware that a listing particular listing does not comply with the Iamlet terms and conditions, please report the listing immediately. Anyone using or advertising on Iamlet is required to adhere to the Iamlet’s general terms and conditions.
Learn more about Iamlet, its unique proposition and how it is designed to help property owners and potential customers quickly.
Discover our top tips when booking accommodation. The Iamlet guide provides useful and practical tips from booking all the way to checking out.
Learn more about the groups and categories used within Iamlet. The categories are designed to help users sort and filter the styles and types of accommodation they are looking for